Our Philosophy

What does your website say about you? You might be surprised what others think.

Let’s face it. In this business…

Image Is Everything!

What attracts business? What is it about well designed websites that keep people and clients coming back, time after time?

That, my friends, seems to be the $64,000 question!

I do a good deal of web surfing. I like to see what designers are doing in terms of web creation and nothing makes me happier than when I come across a particularly well designed site. And – inversely – nothing makes me sadder when I come across bad sites!

Now I understand that a lot of people don’t have large budgets to go out and hire a professional web designer and a good deal of people think they can get away with creating a website with one of those online DIY (Do It Yourself) companies.

Ever wonder why those DIYs offer free sites? Take a good hard look at the pages – the focus is not on you, but on the advertising those companies place on your pages. And what is the result? A complete lack of focus on YOU! Not to mention the fact that you are using templates – a number of pre-designed layouts that everyone else on those hosting sites have access to, making your site look like thousands of others.

The look of your website should distinguish you from your competition.

Take a long hard look at your site, be objective and ask yourself some hard questions:

  • Is the focus of my site on me and my services or on something else?
  • Do the pages load quickly? Can they be viewed on mobile devices?
  • Does the website put me in the ‘best light’ or is it just ‘there’?

Remember, your website is a promotional tool and many times, the first impression to a potential client.

What does your website say about you? You might be surprised what others think.

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– Bob